Jai Platinum

Our Experience

In our vast years of experience which spans over two decades, we have faced many ups and down but the following factors have helped us overcome every single of them:

  • We are regularly updating our product range as per newest market trends.
  • We keep adhering to ethical business values whenever treating our customers.
  • We have always featured top-quality products like Taper Khomcha Bhangri Design, Rasmalai Designer Burfi Bowl, SS Laser Design Dinner Plate, Payal Pudding Small Plate, etc.


We are glad to be backed by a highly experienced team that ensures that every single activity runs smoothly. We select the members of our team after properly assessing their knowledge and skills. Our team has always helped us expand our business.

Quality Control

For us, quality control is highly important and it can be reflected in our premium product assortment. We use the finest grade of raw materials for manufacturing products such as Rasmalai Designer Burfi Bowl, Payal Pudding Small Plate,  Taper Khomcha Bhangri Design, SS Laser Design Dinner Plate, etc. When the production process is completed, we make sure to test all batches as per the highest quality norms. We also ensure that the packaging material of the products is of good quality.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers are first and foremost priority of our company and we ensure their satisfaction in every single aspect. We begin by clearly grasping the demands of customers according to which we provide them the most viable solutions. The price bracket of our goods is also kept in favor of the customers.

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